Cyber Essentials

We can help you with your Cyber Essentials Accreditation. This an excellent first step towards GDPR compliance. 

Data Audits

If you're an existing customer then you probably already have Cyclops installed. Cyclops has an excellent feature that can scan your computers looking for 'Personal Data'. Once you've audited your systems you should know where everything is, so if the scan reveals that you have credit card details, passport data, payroll data, driving licence information etc sitting somewhere that it shouldn't - Cyclops will detect it.

It costs just £2 per month per PC and produces comprehensive reports that you can use and just importantly show to the ICO in the event of a breach so show that you're auditing your systems.

If you want to run it for 30 days to see ho wit works and it it'll help (and it will) just let us know and we'll set it up for you. It only takes us a few minutes. 

Website Privacy & Cookie Policy

You should update your Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy on your website. We can help you with this. You should also review your website software to ensure it's patched and up to date

Patching Computers

Computers should be patched regularly. This can be automated but is down to each company to decide on their patching policy. If you don't have a patching policy in place please drop us a line.

Password Policy

We're helping lots of companies with their password policies right now.  If you would like us to review your policy and help you make things a little more robust and easier to follow then log a ticket with us or give us a call.


Two Factor Authentication or Multi Factor Authentication is a really simple way to add another layer of protection to systems that you access. for example, As well as your username and password you need to enter unique number in order to access thins like Office 365 or Google Mail. It takes a little planning to setup but is usually free using tools like Authy, Duo or Google Authenticator

Human Resources System

We've partnered with an excellent provider for managing HR records. It ensures your payroll data, holidays, sickness, training, CV's, etc are secure in an easy to manage system. Staff can also use it to manage their employee records. Another great thing is that it's VERY cost effective. Give us a call to find out more.

Information Management Systems

We can put you in touch with providers that can help you track and update your GDPR and ISO compliance. Drop us a line and we'll send you the details and a discount code.

Q. Why don't we list the providers we've partnered with or recommend?

One reason and one reason only. I'm fed up with our competitors copying information from our website. We do a tonne of hard work and research for ourselves and our customers and it's very frustrating when we see our work copied on another IT provider's website.  Also, if you get in touch we know you've found this information useful.  and as anyone who works with us will know, we don't do the 'hard sell', so getting in touch doesn't mean we'll bug you until you buy something.