We try to cover as many scenarios as possible to make it easy for customers to get help. Just choose the option that's best for you....

Send an email to support@cambridgehelpdesk.com

Your email will raise a ticket and an automated response will be emailed back to you.

Simply reply to this email.

All the team at Cambridge Helpdesk will see this ticket and will be able to respond and provide assistance.

Log a ticket via the Support Portal

Using your web browser go to https://support.cambridgehelpdesk.com and click on 'New Support Ticket'

Enter your Name and Email address.

A ticket will be raised and a notification will be sent to you via email.

You can also submit updates and view technical replies via the portal too. You will need to create an account and login to view updates.

Phone the Support Line

Call us on 01223 755 999 and select Option 1 for Support

If no one is available (e.g. if we're away from our desk, on the phone or it's 11pm at night on a Sunday) please leave a message.

Your message will generate a ticket which all the team can see and we'll respond as soon as someone is available.

Online Chat

Via the Support Portal (https://support.cambridgehelpdesk.com) you can click on 'Live Chat'

If a member of the Cambridge Helpdesk team is available we will be able to chat to you online and provide assistance.

If no one is available you can click on 'Leave us a message' which will raise a ticket.

Once the Live Chat is completed it is logged as a ticket which you can refer back to later if required.

Send a text

You can send a text to 01223 755 999

This will also generate a ticket.

Self Help using the Knowledge base

When raising a ticket using the Support Portal possible solutions will appear as you type.

Sometimes you will find the answer you are looking for without even needing to raise a ticket.

Note: We are in the process of migrating all Knowledge base articles from our old system and providing new articles too..

Ways that you SHOULDN'T request support

You can try calling or texting our individual mobiles or sending emails directly to us but we can't guarantee a response this way.

We will always try to help where and when we can but if we are unavailable your request may not be noticed.

It is always better to use one of the methods above.