You've been working on an Excel, Word or PowerPoint document for a couple of hours.

For some reason when you closed it you decided not to Save it.

We've all done it !


In newer versions of Microsoft Office (e.g. 2010 and 2013) you can often recover an unsaved document.

Using Word 2013 as an example...

1. Click on File

2. Click on Recent Documents

3, Scroll to the bottom of the Recent Documents list

4. You should see a button to Recover Unsaved Documents

5. When you click on this it'll open up the UnsavedFiles folder. Hopefully the file you're after will be listed.

6. Highlight the file and click Open

7. You can then see if this is the file you need and choose SaveAs

Tip:You can also click on File > Info and access versions via the 'Manage Versions' button