There are several ways to take screenshots / screen-grabs (or 'snippets' of smaller areas of your screen) that you can then add to documents or emails.

We've popped some suggestions for you below. If you have any other suggestions please let us know and we could add them to the list.

1.  Use the 'Print Screen' Button

  • This captures the whole screen (or multiple screens if you have more than one monitor)
  • Once you've pressed the Print Screen button on your keyboard (usually in the top right hand corner), open your document and press CTRL+V to paste the image


Tip: You can paste the image into Paint and then crop the image, highlight sections, draw arrows or circle particular areas using the tools in Paint.


2. Use the 'Email a screenshot to support' feature in Cyclops

  • If you have our Cambridge Helpdesk Cyclops monitoring system installed you can click on the Support Ring and choose 'Email a screenshot to support'
  • This will take a screenshot and create an email with all your details (Your name, the name of your PC and your Company name etc) and generate a ticket in our system.



Note: Not very useful for adding to your own documents but a quick and easy way to send us a ticket if you want to show us somehting on your screen such as an error message etc


3. Use the Windows 'Snipping Tool'
  • Click Start
  • Type in Snipping Tool
  • Click on Snipping Tool when it appear in the list
  • Click on New
  • You'll then see a crosshair
  • Using your mouse draw aroudn the area you want to capture
  • You can then paste your image into Word, PowerPoint and email etc or save the screen grab as a file for later use

4. OneNote

  • If you have Microsoft OneNote installed you can use it in a very similar way to the Snipping Tool
  • In Windows 7 you can press the Window Key + S and then draw around the area you want to capture. Then paste as normal.
  • If you are running Windows 10 you'll need to press the Windows Key + N and then click on 'Screen Clipping (S)'

5. Gadwin Print Screen

  • Gadwin print screen is an excellent program with extra features such as automatically adding watermarks, dates, names and shading.
  • It can also save the image to a file automatically as well as to the clipboard
  • It costs around $20 USD

6. Snagit

  • Very useful tool for capturing screenshots or even scrolling screens
  • Lots of extra features - too many to mention here
  • Costs around $50 USD