We use Bria to make and receive calls on Mobile phones. Other apps are available but this is easy to use and reliable. We are in no way linked to Bria.

What is Bria?

Bria is mobile phone app that allows you to use your Cambridge Helpdesk VoIP extension via your mobile. This will work anywhere in the world where your phone has an Internet connection.

Why would I need Bria?

  • You can make and receive calls using your VoIP extension from your mobile phone
  • Works from anywhere in the world where your phone has an Internet connection
  • Calls from overseas to UK numbers will still be free if you have a call package. Although you might be in Argentina, a call to a London number would be a local call to an 02 number, not an overseas call

How much does it cost?

It costs about £6 from the iTunes App or Google Play stores

How do I setup Bria on my iPhone?

  1. Download Bria App for your mobile phone http://www.counterpath.com/bria.html
  2. Login to your Cambridge Helpdesk VoIP account control panel and locate the required extension number. Alternatively please log a ticket with Cambridge Helpdesk and we'll take care of this part for you
  3. Once you have located your extension number, scroll down and change the password
    Note: Changing the password will log you out from any VoIP desk phones you have configured with this extension
  4. Make a note of the new password - you will need this to configure Bria on your mobile phone and your desk phone if you have one
  5. Install the Bria App on your smartphone
  6. Launch Bria
  7. Tap on SIP and enter the following details


    Account Name = Enter the Extension Number
    Display As = Enter the Extension Number
    Username = Extension Number
    Password = As per step 3 above
    Domain = sip.cambridgehelpdesk:5060
    Enabled = Leave 'OFF' for now
    Voicemail Number = *1 (Asterisk and digit 1)
    Account Advanced = nat.cambridgehelpdesk.com:5082


  8. Once you have saved the settings you need to change 'Enable' to 'On' and click on Register


Don't leave the Bria app enabled all the time. Switch 'Enabled' to OFF when not in use
It'll use up your battery and you won't always want calls to come through on your mobile as well as your desk phone