You've received an email that is clearly SPAM


If you use Cambridge Helpdesk MailControl it's very unlikely that any SPAM will get through but if it does here's what you can do.

Option1: Just delete it. We certainly don't recommend that you open it or reply to it.
Option2: Send a copy of the SPAM message to our research team for analysis. Then delete it.

The steps below, along with our instructional video show you how to send the offending SPAM mail to us for analysis and add it to our filters to help block future emails that have the same structure.

How to send a SPAM email to us for analysis:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Highlight the offending email, right click your mouse and choose 'Copy'
  3. Open a new email
  4. In the 'To' field enter ''
  5. In the 'Subject' field type in the word 'SPAM'
  6. Then click into the main body section of the email, right mouse click and choose 'Paste'
  7. Click Send