There are two types of Voicemail greeting.

  1. A Personal greeting for each extension
  2. A Group greeting (e.g. For Sales, Accounts, Service Department etc) for a Hunt Group

If you need to change a Group Voicemail Greeting message please call support and we will assist you with this.

If you need to change your personal voicemail greeting message please follow the steps below.

1. Press *1 on your handset
Or you can dial 0870 861 6661 from another phone (If you dial the 0870 number you will need to know your 7 digit extension number and PIN number in order to proceed)

2. Press 0 (for Mailbox options)

3. Press 1 (to record your 'Unavailable Message')

4. Once you've recorded a message press the hash key ('#') to stop recording

5. You can then press 2 to listen to your recording or 1 to accept it


Allow 10 to 15 minutes for changes to be applied.

The above steps only apply to the Cambridge Helpdesk VoIP system.