What is MailFilter?

  • MailFilter is an email filtering service designed to protect your InBox from SPAM, unwanted newsletters and emails containing viruses or malicious content

Does it block everything?

  • MailFilter is backed by one of the leading vendors in the world providing 99.9% spam detection rate with less than 0.01% false-positives
  • No product is able to block all SPAM or all emails with viruses and there will always be emails that are blocked by mistake

How does it work?

  • There's no hardware or software to install
  • Email is routed via online mail servers where the email is filtered before being delivered to your mailbox or e-mail server
  • Emails are checked against a constantly updated database of SPAM mails and viruses and scored accordingly. Emails are then either blocked or allowed through

What happens if an email is blocked?

  • You will receive an email summary report (like the example shown below) showing all emails that have been blocked. One click and it can be delivered
  • Or you can logon via https://mailfilter.cambridgehelpdesk.com

How are emails rated or categorised?

Once an email has been checked it is scored and placed into a relevant category

  • Accepted
    Email content and the sender are considered safe
  • Spam
    Email has been flagged as Spam (Usually due to Sender, IP, Subject or Content)
  • Bulk
    This looks like it could be a newsletter. Bulk detection can be turned off companywide or per user if you don't require it
  • Rejected
    Based on previous detection rates of this email, IP address, Sender or Content this email is almost certainly Spam
  • Virus
    This email contains a virus and has been blocked
  • Policy
    This email has been blocked based on a policy. For example, some companies might wish to block all emails with zip files attached



Can I login to a web portal to release an email or change my settings?
  • Yes, just go to https://mailfilter.cambridgehelpdesk.com
  • Login using your email address and MailFilter password. The first time you login you'll need to create a new password
  • Or you can click the auto login button from a MailFilter email summary

Can I add someone to the Whitelist or Blacklist?

  • Yes, you can either click 'Deny' on the email summary; login to MailFilterail or raise a ticket and we'll do it for you

I'm getting email through but it's going into my Junk folder in Outlook

  • This will be an additional SPAM filter set in one of the following locations:-
    - On your mail server
    - Within Outlook or your email client
    - Your antivirus/antispam software (e.g. ESET)