This issue occured in October 2015 and may not be relevant now


There is a conflict with updates from Microsoft (KB3088195) and Lenovo (USB Blocker) that can cause a Lenovo computer to Blue Screen (BSOD - Blue Screen of Death)


Windows Vista, 7 and 8 may be affected

Only certain Lenovo models are affected. The laptops that have been affected by this issue are:

  • Lenovo B40-30, B40-45, B50-30, B50-45, B40-70, B50-70,
  • Lenovo E40-30, E40-70, E50-70
  • 300 Series 305-15IBY/305-15IHW/305-15ABM
  • M30-70, M50-70


Remove the pre-installed program Lenovo USB Blocker.

Boot into safe mode with networking

(Advanced Recovery options > Troubleshooting > Advanced Options > Startup Settings [bottom right option] > Restart > Press '5') 

Then log on, and remove USB Blocker.