What is Cyclops?

Cyclops is a small piece of software that we use to check that systems are running properly.


For the last 15 years or so James and Stuart have used various monitoring systems to keep track of File Servers, Databases and Web Sites to ensure reliability. Sometimes this might be monitoring servers in Bangalore, Munich or San Diego from Cambridge or just down the hall way in a server room just 20 feet away.

Why is it called Cyclops?

We named our monitoring system Cyclops as we use it to keep an eye on things

What things do you monitor?

Here's a list of the things we can monitor to make sure they're up and running and working as efificiently as posisble.

  • File Servers
  • PC's and Laptops
  • Apple Mac's
  • Websites
  • SQL Servers
  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Printers
  • iPhone's, iPad's and Android devices

Why do you monitor these things?

We do this to try and catch issues before they become critical. Below are some examples.

1. We check websites to check that they're up and running. If our check can't find a specific piece of text on a website then there's a chance there could be a problem. A ticket will automatically be raised so that we can take a look. It might be that the site is runnign slow or the ISP might have a broadband outage. The key thing is that we know about the problem as quickly as possible so that we can try and put things right.

2. We check your PC to make sure you have enough free disk space. If it falls below a certain level we can inform you and make sure that you don't run out of space completely. Running low on disk space will make your computer run slowly, could slow down backups and might be an indication that a log file is filling up disk space.

3. Cyclops checks your antivirus software to make sure it is up to date. We do this by looking at the update installed on your PC, sometimes as frequently as every 5 minutes.

4. A printer can be configured to send an alert via Cyclops if it's running low on Paper or Toner

5. On Phones and Tablets we can track data usage; check which applications are installed or even remove applications. If a device is lost or stolen we can remotely wipe that device or even bring it up on a map to show where it is.  We can even change the password to logon to a mobile phone or tablet remotely.

There's lots lots more we monitor, the items above are just a few examples.

Are you watching what I'm doing?

No, certainly not. We're just monitoring the computer related components to try and ensure everything is running as well as possible

But I've heard that you can monitor website usage is that true?

We do have extra software called 'Web Control' that can be installed to block website access. This is only ever installed at the request of a business owner, usually for the following reasons:-

1. To block access to things like Facebook, ebay etc that might distract staff from their main duties. Some sites can be restricted all day except between lunch time hours.

2. To block sites that might contain malicious code or viruses

3. To block sites that are totally non-work related